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In 2018 and beyond, chatbots have given businesses the solution to solve the queries and problems of customers to ensure their loyalty along with your brand establishment. Right from time, man has looked the way of machines to remove the constraints of human limitations. At this time chatbot is the one responsible for the revolution in the customer service industry. Therefore, whether we come to terms or not, chatbots are the future of customer service and management.

In this article, I will be talking on the benefits or features chatbots can bring into your business and towards the end of the article, I will be elaborating on some popular chatbot platforms you can incorporate into your business website.

Chatbots can scale up your business operations

The truth is human agents can only handle 2 to 3 conversations with a customer at a time or thereabout, chatbots can operate without limitations. Incorporating chatbots solutions to complement your human customer service agents will give your business the needed boost to enter a new market.

Chatbots will answer a lot of queries from your customers

Does your business receive a cumbersome of enquiries from your customers? Chatbots can ease the load from your customer support team. It will act as the first point of contact and can screen calls and messages from customers and redirect them to human agents only when necessary.

Chatbots can assist your customers in getting the right product/service

Do you have a range of nearly identical products/services? Employing chatbots in your business can help your customers to select the right product for them. Chatbots can be so intelligent to advice your customers buying expensive products such as smartphones etc.

Chatbots can help your business sells better to the millennials

Millennials are known not to be impulsive buyers but known to be buyers who are known to make enquiries and compare products before they buy. That is not enough, millennials also prefer to chat live over the phone compared to phone calling. So, if your business products are aimed at millennials, incorporating chatbots in your customer service will be a good choice.

Your business constantly market quality contents through media channels

It is well known that the more you interact with your customers, the more business you get from them. If you are using online channels to communicate with your customers, then chatbots can be a useful tool in simplifying the job

Your business is looking for an interactive marketing platform

Chatbots gives an interactive user experience to your customers unlike apps and websites. Chatbots can really be used for a very high interactive marketing campaign. Incorporating chatbots on platforms like your business Facebook Messenger will no doubt reach more people at once which will mean more business for you.

Chatbots can drive up your business efficiency

Is your business burning too many resources on backend support? Chatbots can be the solution to your business problems. Instead of employing more people for mundane and repetitive tasks, why not install a chatbot business solution and automate everything.

Now I will be talking on the popular chatbots platforms you can use for your business

Chatfuel: This is actually a platform for pro developers in creating their own chatbots. You will need a lot of coding experience to be able to use chatfuel, however, chatfuels interface is incredibly simple and easy to understand.

MEOKAY: This platform is good for both developers and novice users, MEOKAY offers some flexibility in integrating your chatbot and it also has advanced functions for advanced users.

ChattyPeople: ChattyPeople is one of the most popular chatbots platforms on the internet as it allows Facebook commerce. The good thing is it’s free for basic users and requires zero coding experience

FlowXO: This is another chatbot platform that allows users to create a fully automated bot.

BotKit: It is an opensource chatbot toolkit as it supports Slack, Facebook Messenger and Twilio. BotKit has the backing of an active developer community. is a Chabot platform that helps in setting up your own chatbot in three very easy steps. uses natural language processing to make conversations more believable.

It is an undeniable fact that automation technologies are taking over all the spheres of our lives be it the development of smart cities, smart homes, automated workspaces and even digital personal assistants. With every development, we are moving a step closer to a more connected and digital future. Industry experts are unanimous in their opinion that the chatbot technology is still in its infancy. We are only scratching the surface of what a chatbot-enabled future may look like.

Chatbots are here to stay, there is no doubt about that and their development will impact both businesses and consumers. Businesses who wants to succeed and compete well enough in this ever-changing technology sphere should not shy away from incorporating the implementation of chatbots in their customer service and management.

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Chatbot – Your Business Solution to Survive this Competitive Market
Chatbots has given businesses the solution to solve the queries and problems of customers to ensure their loyalty along with your brand establishment.
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